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Through our own multimedia platform with an access for the Supplier we stand out against the competition. The platform enables us to publish the most recent pictures from halls, descriptions of situation and reports prepared for a given order. All data is collected on our servers. All you need is an internet access and a browser to control the current situation in the selected point of sale from any location in the world. For Clients’ convenience reports are available in an Excel file, whereas pictures in a compressed file with a description of project name and store. Reports are prepared based on information selected by the Client and the may be modified in accordance with Client’s requirements.

Reports are drawn up through an internet platform. It is an easy and transparent way to verify the ordered task.

The platform is available on our servers and it is not necessary to install any additional software, only a web browser. Therefore, it is possible to access the platform in any place and through any device.

It is possible to rotate and enlarge pictures. They are titled by the name of a hall.

We respect our Clients’ time, therefore we prepare reports based strictly on the most important information and modify them as needed. The reports follow the rule: question – answer + files.

Additionally, the reports may be downloaded to the hard disk of a computer – just by one click. Information from the platform is saved in the form of an Excel file. All the pictures attached to the report can be downloaded just as easily.

Pictures are saved in the form of a compressed file and each one is described by the name of the project and the store it comes from.

1 hall in 1 location – easier verification per hall

Detailed questions, it is possible to ask graphic, open, numerical questions, as well as questions about dates, Excel files and many others – questions are defined by the Client

Detailed questions, it is possible to ask graphic, open, numerical questions, as well as questions about dates, Excel files. All questions are defined by the Client.

Reports can be downloaded as soon as Merchandisers complete the data. The platform allows the verification of the ordered tasks. The projects ordered by the Client are reported and verified by Coordinators and then by the Project Managers.

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