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We are one of the largest sales support agencies in the industrial department in Poland. We set up our business in 2002, combining the experience of the companyy GoDanParty&Picknick with knowledge and practice of recognised Specialists with many years of professional experience in promotion, marketing and logistics.

We are one of the top thriving companies in this industry. Following our motto, “Your people in the whole Poland”, we have built a vast network of agents ready to work even in the furthest parts of the country. We employ 50 mobile Regional Coordinators, 2800 cooperating merchandisers with the experience in services for international Suppliers, as well as reliable and trained hostesses.

We gained trust of the largest Suppliers in the retail chains Carrefour, Tesco, Auchan, Selgros, Makro and Kaufland. We take the most pride in the fact that we still cooperate with Companies which requested our services a decade or more ago. Each Client is equally important for us. We value the cooperation with International Corporations just as high as with Local Entrepreneurs. Such attitude allowed us to gain an opinion of reliable and effective business partner among our Clients.
We carefully analyse the situation on the market, monitor actions of the competition, reacting immediately to changes and implement new trends and solutions.

The key to our success lies in an effective and skillful communication at each stage of Client service. We realise that only through a fast flow of information we may ensure efficient and adequate service. We consistently aim at greater fulfilment of Clients’ needs, systematic improvement of service quality and growth of development potential.

Merchandising is the most important branch of our business activity. We render the services of sale support in large space stores. Depending on Client’s requirements, we offer standard shelf service, monitoring, reporting and display maintenance, representational services, promotions with hostesses and trade activations with promoters. Our offer additionally includes logistics and professional marketing with a special focus on POS materials. To find out more about our offer, please go to particular tabs.


Tesco, Ahold, Globus, Bauhaus, Baumax,OBI, Hornbach, Makro, Kaufland, Billa, Drogerie Teta, COOP


Tesco, Kaufland, Billa, Metro, CBA, Moja Samoška, COOP, OBI, Bauhaus, Hornbach


Auchan, Interspar/Spar, Tesco, Tesco Express, Metro, CBA, COOP, Reál, Media Markt, Obi, Praktiker, Bauhaus, DM, Rossman, Penny Market, Lidl,


Radek Ochman

Co-founder and President of the Management Board

20.01.1976 – 04.11.2017

Istvan Kovacs

President of the Management Board

Jacek Liniewicz

President of Management Board

of GoDan Serwis Marketing

Mirosław Laskowski

President of Management Board

of GoDan Serwis Logistics

Sylwia Bartnicka

Project Director

Radosław Staniszczak

Sales Officer

Daniel Liniewicz

Sales Officer

Wojciech Kłosowski

Sales Officer

Justyna Jarzębska

Regional Executive

Szymon Małecki

Regional Executive

Jakub Powałowski

Regional Executive

Beata Adamczyk

HR Manager

Aneta Prokopek

Financial Manager

Ola Kowalska

Billing Specialist

Anita Sobczak

Reception and Current Affairs



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